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  1. Slynese

    New Re-read After 7 Years

    I am doing a reread. Stuck at crossroads, though.
  2. Slynese

    Anyone dislike the sea folks?

    Next to the seanchan, I find the sea folks very disagreeable. Anyone dislike them as well?
  3. Slynese

    Stuck at crossroads (Reread)

    So far, I had reread the wot series until crossroads. It been a month since I read crossroads, and I am still stuck. Crossroads is... just so... hard to finish.
  4. Slynese


    Thanks. Really appreciate this subforum.
  5. Slynese


    Just started reading elantris. Like Raoden, though find his wife a bit childish.
  6. Slynese

    How did you first find up about wot?

    For me, I came across dragon reborn at a bookstore and thought the cover looked cool. So, I bought the book and read it.
  7. Slynese

    Your favourite couple?

    I read finish the whole series, currently rereading the shadow rising.
  8. Slynese

    Your favourite couple?

    Nynaeve and Lan
  9. Slynese

    Perrin didn't like Faile at first!

    Perrin and Faile's romance is one of the more developed romance in the series. Perrin begins, by not liking Faile/ Then, He sometimes quarrel with her. I find their relationship the most realistic of all!
  10. Slynese

    Seanchans are scums!

    I really dislike the seanchan. How can they enslave women simply because they can channel? And Tuon is a hypocrite! She can channel and still she enslaves others who can channel and make no move to get rid of damane. The seanchans are nuts!
  11. Slynese

    Brandon book recommendation?

    What brandon sanderson books, besides wheel of time, will you recommend me to read?
  12. Slynese

    Rate WOT books!

    Rate the wot books from favourite to least favourite!
  13. Slynese

    Your favourite ajah?

    If you have to choose to be in an ajah, what will it be?
  14. Slynese

    Where do you want to stay?

    Where do you want to stay in Randland?
  15. Slynese

    Your favourite couple?

    Who is your favourite couple in wot?
  16. Slynese

    Your favourite couple?

    Who is your favourite couple in wot?
  17. Slynese

    The List of All Known Amyrlins

    Cool list.
  18. Slynese

    WoT TV Budget

    I hope the show is good. I hope it brings more readers to wot.
  19. Slynese

    Favourite characters?

    Who are your favourite characters?
  20. Slynese

    How did you find the Wheel of Time?

    For me, I like the cover of the dragon reborn and thought a fantasy novel with a sword and the title, the dragon reborn must be cool! Found out that it is a series and read eye of the world. Like it very much and read the rest of the series at one go, until crown of sword. Then slowly, followed...