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  1. Jocasta Braithe

    Spoiler Free - WOT as an Intro to Fantasy

    So I was watching some stuff about the upcoming show and stumbled on this discussion about Wheel of Time as a "gateway drug" to fantasy in general. I guess probably when the books were originally released, a lot of new fantasy fans had WOT as their first introduction to the genre, but the idea...
  2. Jocasta Braithe

    Facebook Juneteenth Fundraisers

    Facebook is donating $19 to all fundraisers created today for specific organizations in honor of Juneteenth ( if you don't know about the history of Juneteenth). I set up a fundraiser for the Innocence Project on my personal page. I'd encourage anyone...
  3. Jocasta Braithe

    Mark a whole forum as "read"?

    Is there a way to do that? There's a sub forum that has unread threads that keeps throwing me for a loop because I think it's new posts that I need to look at. If I could mark it as "read" it would be nice.
  4. Jocasta Braithe

    Minor Characters

    Which minor characters do you hope don't get cut? I'm using a pretty broad definition of minor characters because there are so many major characters! I really hope to see Sulin and some of the Asha'man (especially Narishma and Eben Hopwill.)
  5. Jocasta Braithe

    Path of Daggers a low point?

    Spoilers everywhere for book 8 and the beginning of book 9. Ye have been warned. I just finished, and I swear I slept through the last third of the book. I enjoyed some of the earlier stuff with the Bowl of the Winds and the Kin, plus the sequence where Elayne has to undo her gateway weave was...
  6. Jocasta Braithe

    Current Events Email?

    Hi, hope it's ok to ask here. I emailed about access to the Current Events Forum about two weeks ago and haven't seen a reply. I just wondered if I had missed a step or something? Thanks!
  7. Jocasta Braithe

    Well Hi!

    I'm Jocasta, and I hate making introduction threads, I always feel super awkward. I'm in my 30s IRL, married with a 16 month old son. I'm a big fantasy reader, but somehow the Wheel of Time missed me until fairly recently. My husband bought me a copy of The Eye of the World for Christmas one...