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  1. Brandegoris Al'Mor

    Thought I would stop in and see how this place has been doing

    Im back to poke around a bit. I hope everyone has been doing really well. :)
  2. Brandegoris Al'Mor

    So a crazy thing happened today :o (spoilers for book 6 and on)

    So my son ( he is 12), has actually read farther in the Wheel of time than I have. Im on book 6 he is on book 11! LOL So we are discussing favorite characters and he doesn't seem to have any Real favorite when I ask him. Finally Yesterday he says he really likes...... Galad! :o So im obviously...
  3. Brandegoris Al'Mor

    Gotta Love Those Shienarans!(spoilers for events in book 5)

    I just finished reading the brief part in the Fires of Heaven when Elayne, Nynaeve , Birgitte and Thom and Juilin are being escorted to Samara by Galad and Uno and the Shienarans, and a mob tries to attack them . The Buildup is intense with Nynaeve about to channel even though she is dreadfully...
  4. Brandegoris Al'Mor

    Hi My names Brand, and Im a a loud obnoxious guy

    <3 Love you all:giggle
  5. Brandegoris Al'Mor

    The 9 Rods of Dominion discussion... (Book 1 prologue)

    So in another thread today this came up. If it has been discussed on the site ive missed it so my apologies. I was wondering if anyone had any theories on what they thought the 9 rods might have encompassed? I mean what are the 9 "dominions" ? :) They thought that the Does anyone else have...
  6. Brandegoris Al'Mor

    Aelfinn and Eelfinn

    Im putting this here even though I haven't read all the books because im afraid certain answers will SPOIL stuff for others. I myself don't mind spoilers. I read about BOTH of these groups in book four and on WoT wiki,,, One is snakish and the other foxish? Does anyone know of a good artists...
  7. Brandegoris Al'Mor

    If you were in Randland and were able to choose just ONE ter'Angreal..... :)

    What Ter'Angreal from the books would you choose? Do you have a favourite? Also if you were a channeler which weave would use most ( or at least what efect would you go for most ; aside from Balefire!) Lastly..If you were able to design your own Ter'angreal..what would it do? im simply...
  8. Brandegoris Al'Mor

    SO..This might seem like a MEAN question!? LOL

    BUT is it because i am NOT yet a citizen and cant access ALL the forums, that it seems to me that NO ONE ever responds to ANY of the threads i post in!! hahah I mean..When i look the next day to see if anyones has added to my discussions etc etc, NO one has added anything! LOL I mean are the...
  9. Brandegoris Al'Mor

    If u had to make A Forsaken!

    If you had to make a Forsaken from scratch what would it be like? :) Lets have fun! make a background and a NEW Forsaken!! The 13 werent the only ones! apparently there were a dozen more once!:giggle
  10. Brandegoris Al'Mor

    Who is the Scariest Forsaken???? The Coolest?

    If you had to choose, Which Forsaken would you HATE to have as a Nemesis ?? Also which Fosaken do you think has the coolest Backstory/is the neatest ? For Me its M'hael !!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL He is a huge d*ck! LOL But i love his style! He is super dooper cool!!!!!! Also equally cool is...
  11. Brandegoris Al'Mor

    Wierd Question: When Jordan describes age of legends..........????

    So as i read the first four books again i am being a litle more careful about trying to actually interpret all of the dreams that the different characters have ( and yes, it is sometimes difficult!). But i was wondering...When Jordan describes different people in dreams that interact with the...
  12. Brandegoris Al'Mor

    OUR world and WoT????

    I was reading in the tower Library and looking at similarities between OUR world and the wheel of time. well im re reading The DRAGON REBORN( book3) . Does anyone else see a HUGE similarity between RAND taking Callander from the "stone" of Tear? ....and Young King Arthur Pulling his sword...
  13. Brandegoris Al'Mor


    Hello! I knew I came to the right place! Well I’m OLD! (36 years) actually and first read the eye of the world when I was 16 ( in 1992)!  at THAT time there were only 3 books out! Overall I have only ever read up til the 6th book( Lord of Chaos)! Because that was all that was out! And...