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  1. Elia LePhant

    Happy one year!! Glad to have you here with us!

    Happy one year!! Glad to have you here with us!
  2. Elia LePhant

    [Open] Hiring: Tar Valon Times Staff

    Please come join us!! Since the TVT was up and running and so we can make this blog the best blog that has ever blogged!
  3. Elia LePhant

    Now Live: Tar Valon Times!

    Hello Tar Valon! I know it must be a huge shock... But it is an absolute pleasure to (finally) announce that the Tar Valon Times is now live in our fresh new blog format!! You've all been waiting with bated breath for such a long time, but now you can rest easy, my friends. Your Tar Valon news...
  4. Elia LePhant

    Already got my first pumpkiny drink!

    Already got my first pumpkiny drink!
  5. Elia LePhant

    Announcing our new City Council Scribe!

    Happy to get scribing :laugh:
  6. Elia LePhant

    Announcing the Mistress of Novices/Recruits!

    Thank you for taking on another term! :brofist-2::hug
  7. Elia LePhant

    Relief for the Atwell Family

    I am so sorry, Ty. That is horrible tragedy. I will give what I can.
  8. Elia LePhant

    We have a new Conference Coordinator!!!

    Yay Fenya!! Thank you for taking on the job!
  9. Elia LePhant

    2023 Membership Survey!

    That was fun with the secret surveys. :laugh:
  10. Elia LePhant

    In Memory of Adra Ceana

    Rest in peace, Adra.
  11. Elia LePhant

    Message from the Board

    Thank you for your work, Caerwyn!
  12. Elia LePhant

    Announcing the new Headteachers

    Thank you for taking on the job!!
  13. Elia LePhant

    Welcome Melorea Sedai

    Congratulations Aes Sedai!! :D
  14. Elia LePhant

    Official Avatar and Name Change Thread

    Very beautiful avatar! I love your signature too. :D
  15. Elia LePhant

    Congratulations, Thaddius Gaidin!

    WOOHOOO!!! Congrats, brother!! :joy So happy for you and VC for gaining such a great Gaidin. :D
  16. Elia LePhant

    Congratulations Megana and Thaddius!

    Congratulations!! :hug
  17. Elia LePhant

    Congratulations Jocasta and Thaddius!

    Congratulations y'all!!
  18. Elia LePhant

    TarValon.Net Patreon

    Joined!! So happy to see this.