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    Effect of Bowl of Winds: Ebou Dar and Shayol Gul

    Of course, I didn't think about the area in which the Bowl was being used to alter the weather. That seems more reasonable.
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    Effect of Bowl of Winds: Ebou Dar and Shayol Gul

    I've only read the series once and can't remember everything perfectly but maybe this could be some form of explanation/reasoning?: As you yourself say channeling Saidar and Saidin was messed up after the Bowl of Winds was used. Maybe the key here is after the Bowl of Winds was used? Clearly...
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    Egwene (spoilers)

    I agree about how abrupt Siuan's death was but I agree that is what it would be like on a battlefield. I actually think that due to how abrupt her death was it's made me think a lot about her post book and made me even respect her more as a character (I really liked her in the first place but...
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    Couples (whole book spoiler)

    I've read through quite a lot of posts and nobody seems to have mentioned Galad and Berelain. I quite like that relationship and the circumstances leading up to it (Faile saying she better find someone she can at least act as if she likes). I always liked Berelain and Galad is one of my...
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    Mesaana, Moghedien, Egwene, TAR and the a'dam

    I was chatting to my friend and he shared the same view as you Inanna Sedai. It's the mark of a good series though having questions and thoughts after the series has finished. I'll have to reread it sometime.
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    Mesaana, Moghedien, Egwene, TAR and the a'dam

    Good point, I didn't think about that!
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    Mesaana, Moghedien, Egwene, TAR and the a'dam

    I've finished the series and have been mulling over some things. During the Battle in Tel'aran'rhiod Mesaana puts an a'dam around Egwene's neck. She (Egwene) finally realises that since she is in TAR it isn't truly real and thus makes it 'disappear'. In book 5? Moghedien and Nynaeve have an...
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    On Verin and her actions

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    Path of Daggers!

    I finished this book a couple of weeks ago (now on Book 10). Just before halfway through this book picked up a lot for me, as finally the Bowl of Winds was used and the hunt for the Black Ajah in the White Tower was getting interesting. Hopefully you enjoy Book 9 and let us know what you thought!
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    Article: The Adventures of Kyran The Luckless Recruit - Episode 1

    LEAVE. Now we have to wait a month for the continuation :|
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    The Bonfire 2: Feel the blaze

    So, I have just finished Winter's Heart... 5/5
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    The Bonfire 2: Feel the blaze

    Such a scientific experiment deserves to at least be wrote up in felt tip pen not crayon. Give it the respect it deserves :lol . The results could possibly be very influential to the scientific community :arch
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    The Bonfire 2: Feel the blaze

    Hey Leonie! I don't think I have actually introduced myself to you yet (I would have remembered the vibrant avatar if I had!), so hi! ^^ I'm only 100 pages into Winter's Heart and I'm enjoying it a lot thus far. I also have New Spring as well, which I plan to read after Book 10.
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    The Bonfire 2: Feel the blaze

    I had a spare hour today so I was able to finish "The Path of Daggers" (finally), I suppose I'll say what I thought of it. Overall I'd rate it a 3.5/5. Looking forward to "Winter's Heart" now!