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    Why are the Aes Sedai freezing?

    I know that at least for Novices and Accepted, they don't really know how to do this until becoming Aes Sedai. And even Aes Sedai still have to deal with the physical repercussions of prolonged exposure to heat and cold. Though after giving the initial question some thought, it does baffle me...
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    Vital characters (includes book spoilers)

    I both love and hate this idea. :laugh:
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    Welcome to the Ring, Laurien!

    Congrats Laurien! :joy:
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    Congratulations Leala ni al'Dareis t'al'Caleum and Satara al'Caelahn!

    Leala's definitely the troublemaker here. :laugh: I'm just along for the ride.
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    Laurien's Journey Through The Shadow Rising

    To this day, I cry at that part. Every time.
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    Congratulations Delara Sedai

    Congrats Delara Sedai! :joy: :yellow2:
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    Congratulations Leala ni al'Dareis t'al'Caleum and Ignis al'Caleum !

    Congrats! Together you can start the lime green Ajah! :green1::yellow2:
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    Congratulations Leala Sedai of the Green Ajah!

    CONGRATS, LEALA! :joy::green1:
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    Reason Barney left?

    It's funny because I used to think I wanted a little bit of acknowledgement written into the show about it. But then in Sense8, we got it and it just felt awkward to me so I hope they just carry on as though everything is the same. I won't be mad if they acknowledge it, but it would have to be...
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    Announcing our new Director of Membership!

    Congrats Loraella! :joy
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    Tar Valon and White Tower Sanitation

    I'm sure that for some forms of animal waste, they could sell it (or just give it?) to surrounding farms as fertilizer, especially horse manure which is notoriously good for gardens.
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    Announcing our next Shatayan!

    So when can we expect our paychecks? :look :lol Congrats Cahalan!
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to TarValon.Net! Verin is honestly one of my all time favorite characters, even outside of the WoT universe. And for posterity, I must use the emoji. :look