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    Second title ~ Aspirants

    I know I'm new and a citizen, so not even a Tower member, but fwiw I would like to see some sort of designation for those who have Aspired on the side. I've worked with forum software before and I really think a mountain is being made out of a molehill :cheese Personally, I do not want to sift...
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    Hello, hello...

    Welcome! ^^
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    Hello, World!

    Welcome to the Tower! I've also dabbled in a few languages and would like to get a better grasp on my Spanish :D We can try out our garbled Spanish together :D
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    I've never even heard of Rinmaru before so it was totally cool to stumble upon it with Google. And thank you Marivea Sedai! :D
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    Thank you all! ^^ I remember absolutely adoring Moiraine the first time I read the series. She was so mysterious and cool, you know? I just plugged in my kindle to charge so hopefully I'll get to dive into my reread soon. Although, considering we're moving in a week, I should reallllly be...
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    Ahhh thank you for the link! I actually found an avatar creator and just kinda went with it :D It was fun. I now have a face! Huzzah :joy
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    Thank you for all the warm welcomes ^^ I have no idea what I want my avatar to look like :look I was going to start looking for one and then got sidetracked (pretttty typical of me). Any suggestions on where to look would be great :D
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    Thank you! Pardon my ignorance but what is a visitor message? lol

    Thank you! Pardon my ignorance but what is a visitor message? lol
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    Thank you all for the warm welcome! ^^
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    Checking Things Out Here

    Welcome! I'm new here too :D
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    Thank you Kethaana Sedai, Elania Sedai, Ahmyra Sedai and Kerwin! Seems like names we like the sound of and old holdovers that were a favorite are common! :D
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    Thank you, Cahalan Sedai! It's lovely to meet you too ^^
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    Thanks for the welcome Nynyra, Lythe and Asandra Sedai! And thanks for the explanation! I really love names and I love them even more when they have some sort of beautiful meaning behind them <3 Which is kinda ironic since my name does not have any meaning other than I liked the way it sounded :lol
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    Thank you for the welcomes! ^_^ Roheryn Sedai, you have a rather looooong name. Does it mean something special?