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    Update on the Tar Valon Times

    oh ok, I see. Thanks for the info Ilverin! TOTALLY get the 'real life' beast... I'm a current victim of it too (and have been for months now) :indifferent: :frown:
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    Update on the Tar Valon Times

    I somehow missed this. I'm wondering if the things that have been done so far can at least be kept as records to look up. It would be a shame to lose all that work and those wonderful contributions over the years. I tried to find articles yesterday and only got the 'page can not be loaded'...
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    New Mayor

    woot, congrats Boss!
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    [Closed] Hiring: Mayor

    thought I posted here already too... As I told you before I really like your leadership style. you have a talent of seeing potential and knowing how to implement it without smothering it. I'll miss you as the Mayor but I'll still bug you for whatever I may need your advice and input on :hug ^^ :D3
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    Congratulations to our new TVT Staff!

    congratulations TVTeam! And thank you to all outgoing team members. You guys rock.
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    Congratulations Syera Faelron, Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah!

    lol the Blues have been busy! Congrats Syera!!
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    Announcing the Director of Online Events!

    ah crap! :blink I mean... congratulations!! :joy but..... ah crap! :(
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    Hiring: Online Events Team for Beltine!

    I know this comes too late, but for future reference, it might be a good idea to add in the timeframe (the actual dates) because 'Spring Equinox' as it is mentioned in the library doesn't really give any information people can use to assess if they'll be free during that time. Most of us aren't...
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    Announcement of the next Amyrlin Seat!

    Ahem... ATTENTION ATTENTION.... Just so you all know... *brag singing* I got a shawl made by the Amy(tobe)....... njènjènjènjènjèh! Congrats!