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    Shaun al'Ruley - You have been summoned!

  2. Melina Tashir

    Welcome Cinna Sedai!

    Congrats :joy: :joy: !
  3. Melina Tashir

    Welcome Nadie Sedai

    Congrats :joy: :joy: !
  4. Melina Tashir

    Welcome Merena Sedai

    Congratulations!!! Welcome home sister :ha::ha:
  5. Melina Tashir

    Welcome Arinna Sedai

    Congratulations!!! Welcome home sister :ha::ha:
  6. Melina Tashir

    Congratulations Aintza Bisera, Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah!

    Congratulations!!! Welcome home sister!!! :hug :gray1:
  7. Melina Tashir


    Welcome to Tar Valon!!
  8. Melina Tashir

    Analiese Sinclaer & Nebka Galyn!!!

    Congratulations!! :clap2:
  9. Melina Tashir

    Oct 2022 Merits

    Congratulations all!!
  10. Melina Tashir

    Hello everyone

    Had I used the :valorian1: he'd have been here much sooner :p
  11. Melina Tashir

    Thank you 😊

    Thank you 😊
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    Hello from the southeast US

  13. Melina Tashir

    Congratulations, Soldier Linkelivar!

    Congratulations!!! :clap2:
  14. Melina Tashir

    Congratulations, Soldier Kallarn!

    How did I miss this!! Congratulations!!! :clap2: