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  • Yes :) I'd post a way now but all that is open to anyone who comes by the site :) Feel free to drop me a regular private message when you get your citizen app approved :)
    Here is a bad picture of a nice rosary :)

    Our Mother centerpiece ash beads (the silver dusted ones) and Walnut the dark ones. With chaining for the Glory to the Father meditation instead of a spacer bead. Believe it or not the wood bead rosaries are my most popular ones although I have had luck with a Victorian Cross with red beads as well.. That one I'm still looking for the image of.. when I find it I'll post it :)
    Let me see if I have pictures uploaded.. and I'll give you the URL. Or if you get your Citizenship quickly (should be fairly easy to get the # of posts, a lot of hello's in the introduction forum, replies to those welcoming you.. Then apply and wait for the Mayor to respond, I can give you my email or facebook then. I don't think visitor messages count as posting.. so don't forget to post on the forums you can see appropriately :)
    Welcome to the site, hope your finding it to your liking. I see my partner in crime has given you a message ( Kassidy). If you need anything don't hasten to ask me. I am the other part of the welcoming committee..:)
    I do not do real rose petal beads as to have them made up & bought is very expensive per bead nor do I have the time to hand make them as it's a very long process, but I do have wood beads including the ability to get real olive wood beads. I tend to have two beads on hand, walnut bead & Ash. When I do use wood I tend to use one for the Our Father Beads and another for the Hail Mary's, so they are distinguished on the bead. I can get Sandlewood beads that are carved as roses, they are a bit more expensive to mostly to use them as the Hail Mary beads. If the Rosary is done on the flexicord I do use spacer beads for the Glory prayers. As it is rude, not allowed.. What ever you might want to call it to sell Rosaries after they are blessed , blessing them is left up to you, recommended if you are going to be giving it as a gift after purchase from me. All Rosaries come with a pamphlet on how to pray the Rosary and in a drawstring bag, currently Ivory sateen.
    Hi Mai, welcome! First about the Rosaries, I don't have any good images, but I do have some. The cost really depends on the type of beads. My standard is five decade long rosaries. The cost variance depends on if you just want druk glass beads, or you want a special type such as mother of pearl, or real onyx etc. All my rosaries are pinned by each bead unless you want it on this soft flexable clear wiring (it is made of this super strong plastic type stuff), I have a mother of pearl rosarie made with this). On average my Druk Glass bead rosaries with pewter center pieces and cross run about $20, I really should make them cost more as they are all hand done and can take me more than 20 hours to make as pinning each bead is seriously time consuming, but alas that gives me just about $5 profit per rosarie. My mother of Pearl Rosarie is currently $40 due to the cost of the real mother of pearl beads. So that gives you an idea of the prices.
    :welcome to the Community , Mai!

    I am Kassidy (Kass for short) I am here to welcome you to our Community . I am on the Welcome Committee , if you have any questions or just want to chat shoot me a Visitor Message .

    It took me forever to join here as well . I come on this site in 2001 but didn't join I wished I did back then .

    Talk soon ,
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