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    Always write the song!

    Always write the song!
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    Hello everyone

    Hello and welcome, Alasar!
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    Laurien's Journey Through The Shadow Rising

    I've finally done it! I've made it through The Shadow Rising! Job changes, residence changes, and school certainly didn't help, but I finally reached the end and am eager to start The Fires of Heaven. TSR has definitely been my favorite so far. I love all the parts dealing with Rhuidean...
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    Hello from the southeast US

    Hello and welcome, Zoul!
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    A New Game Master Arises...

    Congratulations, Alexr! :ha:
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    Hello and welcome, Ahmira! The nerds do tend to congregate, it's true (nerd groups within the nerd group this is). 😁 I'm the one running the D&D for beginners campaign at the moment, though I'd hardly say all those involved are beginners anymore! Though D&D involves constant learning all...
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    Welcome to the Ring, Veluene!

    Woohoo! Congratulations, Veluene!!
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    Hello and welcome!
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    Congratulations to our new Gray HoA!

    Congratulations, Melina Sedai!
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    Congratulations to our new Company Commander of SDS!

    Congratulations, Soro Gaidin! :ha:
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    August - Happiness Happens

    Indeed! Raise a glass of oosquai for all the thought-provoking reminders this month. :pleased-1:
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    Congratulations to our new Director of Technology!

    Congratulations, Qamra Sedai!
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    Hello All

    Hello and welcome, Erient! I'm on book four as well, though toward the end. So you're not alone there!
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    Congratulations to our new Yellow Head of Ajah!

    Congratulations, Raina Sedai!