al'Kosh de Dagda

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  • It took me a while myself, but you're going a lot more quickly than I did when I was new :) I'm sure it won't be long at all!

    And once you're a Citizen for 2 months, you'll also be able to attend those RL TV events :)
    Welcome to Tar Valon, al'Kosh!

    I'm Amarande Gaidin and it's my pleasure to greet you here as a member of our Welcoming Committee. At this point the next thing to do in membership is simply to post 25 or more times in the forums to which you presently have access, at which point you may apply for Citizenship of Tar Valon which grants you access to even more of the site! To learn the rules and regulations, simply visit the Membership Manual, which you can reach through the "Library" link next to Forum on the main site menu bar followed by clicking Membership Manual in the wiki menu that appears.

    We're glad you joined us, and we hope you continue to have a great time here!
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